What are PFE and Big Five for Life?

Note: If you are ready to discover your Big Five for Life, join me or one of the coaches I’ve trained for an in person or online Big Five for Life Discovery Course.

How would you feel if all your time and energy were aligned with the five most important things you wanted to do, see, or experience in your lifetime?  The five things that would help you fulfill the very reason why you were born?

In 2002, my wife and I left our careers, our family, our house, and almost everything we owned behind. Then we headed off to backpack around the world. Most people thought we were crazy.

It turned out to be a life changing experience that covered almost seventy thousand miles. It was also the way we spent our first year of marriage.

During those travels, I had a profound experience in Africa.  It proved to be an experience that would transform my life, and in turn, the lives of millions of people around the world who have learned of it through my writing and live presentations. A gratifying and also humbling experience, I assure you.

The discovery includes two main pieces.  The first is something I call Purpose for Existing, or PFE for short.  The second I call the Big Five for Life™.

I explain these discoveries in great detail through my books, and through my online Big Five for Life Discovery Course.  Let me briefly explain them here.

You were born for a reason.  It was not a mistake, an act of serendipitous luck, and it didn’t occur randomly.  You arrived exactly when you knew you would, into the exact environment you planned on arriving into, with full knowledge of what you were getting yourself into.  Except that in the moment you arrived, you forgot all that.  Which is exactly what was supposed to happen.

Your challenge, is to remember that reason that you chose to have this life experience.  Then if you choose to, to fulfill it.  I call the reason your PFE, or Purpose for Existing.  It’s why you’re here.

In conjunction with your PFE, you have a Big Five for Life™.  You get to choose these too, only for these, you choose them now, while you’re here.  They are the five things you most want to do, see, or experience in your lifetime.  The five things so powerful to you, that if you do, see, or experience them before you die, then you will feel that your life has been a success by your own personal definition of success.

This site, and all my efforts through my writings and teachings, are dedicated toward helping you discover and live your PFE and Big Five for Life™.  As far as I can tell, that’s a big part of why I’m here.

In The Big Five for Life book, part of the story explains the Big Five for Life in the context of being a leader.

If you don’t consider yourself a leader, don’t let this throw you.  In truth, at every moment of our life, we are all called to be leaders.  If for no other purpose, than to lead ourselves. After all, someone inspires you to get out of bed each morning. That someone is you.

I have found in my own life that an awareness of ones PFE and Big Five for Life is the start of something miraculous.  Fulfilling them is even better.  So if the feeling is right, join me on this adventure. We shall see where it takes us.

Your fellow traveler,


P.S. If you are ready to discover your Big Five for Life, there are two options I recommend.  For an in person experience, attend one of the two day Big Five for Life Discovery Courses. It’s an incredible two days that will change your life and get you crystal clear about your Big Five for Life. If attending in person isn’t possible for you, then option #2 is to take the course through the Big Five for Life Online Discovery Course. You can check out a short video that explains more about that option.

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