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  • The Big Five For Life Book

    The Big Five For Life Book

    To access all the information and resources associated with the #1 Bestseller, The Big Five for Life, click the book image.

    "Is it a good Museum Day?

    That simple little question changes the way you look at...everything."

    - John P. Strelecky

  • NEW! Online Experience

    Big Five For Life Discovery Course

    Great News!

    Two new Big Five for Life resources are now available for you.

    With the online Big Five for Life Discovery Course, you will be walked step by step through the process of discovering your Big Five for Life. And you can do it right from your home! Check out this short Big Five for Life video for a quick overview.

    Already know your Big Five for Life? Want help making them your reality? Check out the Big Five for Life Online Do It! Course. You'll be guided step by step along the way.

  • John's Other Books

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  • Inspiration Destination

    Big Five For Life Inspiration Destination

    Visit "Inspiration Destination". For a small monthly fee, I provide you with an ongoing healthy dose of inspiration, all delivered right to your inbox.

    Stories, short videos, quotes, movie recommendations...all researched for you. All you do is point, click, and be inspired.

    I know you're busy. Let me do the work. If you're dedicated to discovering and living your PFE and Big Five for Life, this is a great resource for you.

  • In Person Experiences

    Upcoming Events

    - Join me at one of my live events around the world.
    - Become a Big Five for Life coach!

    Online Courses

    - Figure out your Big Five for Life!
       Online Discovery Course.
    - Get help bringing your Big Five for life!
       Online Do It! Course